Represent the finest Designer line of handcrafted jewelry designed exclusively by Sara Blaine.
At eSBe Designs we want to help you unfold your professional and creative potential. We have designed a special program that ensures you get the proper training to host your own styling events. Becoming a successful jewelry stylist with the eSBe team will require a passionate approach and self-discipline.
But you are not alone in your efforts. You will receive regular training and be in regular contact with us. Our unique sales model also ensures that you get paid fully for the time that you put in. Working as a jewelry stylist you will benefit from complete flexibility and ability to
control your own time and thereby have freedom to run your business creatively. If you want to learn more about how to build a business you love, please take a peek at our “Flip Book” or come over to Contact and drop us a line.

Meet Some of our Stylists

Sara’s unique designs allow me to help women look and feel
their best! It’s so rewarding to see women light up and feel more confident when they try on and wear our jewelry. Our unique eSBe Rewards program provides Stylists with their own marketing budget. I am honored to represent our designer and work with an incredibly supportive corporate staff and field of stylists!.
Tammy Durante
Woodridge, Il
I love and believe in the product and in our designer.
The quality, beauty and uniqueness of Sara’s designs are absolutely incredible. The business model is second to none because it allows me to work my business as much I want, when I want and most importantly how I want.
Angie Glud
Venetia, PA

Jewelry Stylist - Joanie NeenaneSBe Designs is a ground breaking, ground floor

opportunity company like no other. With our amazing eSBe Rewards Program (marketing budget) we are a unique hybrid of a direct selling company. Being small by design allows us to be a very tight knit group where everyone helps everyone succeed.
Joanie Neenan
Franklin, MA


My New Years resolution was to become a better person.
To do that, I needed to invest in myself. Joining eSBe Designs gave me the opportunity to do that. eSBe is about empowering women, growing relationships, and having FUN, all while making money! This opportunity has helped me grow mentally, financially, and becoming a better me!
Missy Harmon
Venetia, PA
I was attracted to eSBe Designs because it allowed me
to interact with others on a positive level. I have been employed as an Ohio State Trooper for 20 years. For 13 of those years I have been assigned to the Plain Clothes Section. This was always a goal of mine, so I am not complaining or saying I dislike my job. However, the position has exposed me to seeing the negative side of life and people. Getting involved in eSBe Designs gave me the ability to be able to interact with people in a more positive and upbeat way. There was a time I was closing myself off to others and now I find myself trying to figure out a way to bring others together.
Rayetta Kanters
Massillon, Ohio
What has always attracted me to eSBe Designs is the
ability to create my own schedule and work from my home environment that I LOVE to be in! Because of my job I can prioritize and put my family first. I have always been able to be available for my kids and I thought when they were young that was so important. I always wanted to be there for all the milestones and precious moments. Now, it’s so different, they’re older… Working around their schedules not only allows me to be flexible for their needs but I feel more than ever the need to be present when they are entering those older years of middle and high school!
Diane Kershaw
Temecula, CA


My kids are grown and out of the house and I needed
something for me. I started this business for some “Me Time”, but not the 9 to 5 stressful job I had before. eSBe Designs is a perfect fit for my family’s life style! I can work a FUN job around my family’s crazy schedule. Not to mention I am a business owner! Love this industry!!! Working directly with the designer and owner, Sara Blaine and her husband Mendel is a huge plus as they are committed to support each Stylist.
Ann Guidry
Atlanta, GA
Representing a jewelry line of quality and uniqueness is
very important to me. Sara Blaine has been designing jewelry for 18 years and has a fantastic reputation in the jewelry industry. Having one designer is a true benefit as Sara knows all of the pieces of jewelry and that enables the customers and jewelry stylists to mix and mix with ease. eSBe Designs is a company like no other, we not only sell designer jewelry but we offer a wonderful rewards program that works like a marketing budget for the jewelry stylists. I love being a part of a ground floor opportunity!
Lisa Hammett
McKinney, Texas

Social Selling Meets Boutique!
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Listen to Ambassador Executive Director, Theda Blackwood share her
thoughts on eSBe Designs as a “Hybrid” to Direct Selling.

Extraordinary Jewelry Meets Exceptional Business Plan!
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Listen to Ambassador Director Mary Duke Grubbe and eSBe Stylist Michele Heston
speak about why eSBe Designs can work for anyone.

Friends, Fun and Fabulous Style are what awaits you when you host an eSBe Designs Jewelry Trunk Show12499536_1058018854270550_1037365412_o


Who doesn’t want to spend time with girlfriends and jewelry?

Just for gathering a few friends together; our hosts qualify for ANY product at 1/2 price for every $250 in sales (up to 4 items), PLUS a treasure trove of Rewards from your Stylist! It’s that simple. The more you sell, the more FREE jewelry you earn. 

Find out how to HOST an eSBe TRUNK SHOW TODAY! 





When pure artistic vision meets irresistible and timeless design, something magical happens. Add non-stop determination and discover the successful ingredients that have contributed to the extraordinary success of eSBe Designs. This fast-paced, nationally expanding company is the brainchild of the exclusive jewelry designer Sara Blaine.


Each stunning piece of jewelry is inspired by Sara’s love of travel, where she captures details of exotic cultures around the globe. Built on a strong work ethic and decades of followers, eSBe Designs emerged in 2014 as a meaningful way to empower women with a unique opportunity to competently run their own business as stylists. eSBe Designs offers an alternative to the traditional direct sales model and equips its stylists with incentives, training and new friendships, along with Sara’s meticulously detailed handcrafted jewelry. Add to this the support of a company built on substance and sustainability and you cannot help but fall in love with eSBe Designs.

For the past 17 years, Sara has translated her stylish creations into beautiful jewelry through the hands of skilled generations of artisans on the magnificent island of Bali. Sara’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship and her knowledge of gorgeous gemstones, freshwater pearls and a variety of metals allows Sara to blend past world traditions with the ever changing demands of modern times.


THIS is what gives her designs the distinctive eSBe edge. eSBe Designs has defined a new category in the market and a strong demand for Sara Blaine’s exquisitely handmade jewelry. Sara has created an opportunity for women throughout the country and has helped them enrich their lives. It’s no wonder eSBe has become a national phenomenon.

Empowering Women to be Excellent!