A Brand “Sparkling” New Name for 2018

eSBe Designs by Sara Blaine is proud to announce its brand “sparkling” new name change as our company approaches its 4th anniversary of national sales success. Our innovative successful jewelry sales company was created by luxury brand jewelry designer, Sara Blaine.

As our company approaches this milestone, Sara is proudly adding her name and tags the eSBe’s brand as the dedicated designer (the “SB” in eSBe) who has stood behind her Stylists and hundreds of exquisitely designed custom jewelry pieces.

Sara’s goal is to continue to empower women, offering them a unique opportunity to represent her beautiful handmade designer line of jewelry while being part of the eSBe family.

To date, over 300 women throughout the United States have signed up to align with our exciting company. eSBe Designs by Sara Blaine has thoughtfully reinvented the direct sales model to best serve each and every individual and is committed to attracting and supporting talented “Stylists” throughout the United States who are self-starters and want to earn extra income doing something they truly love.

eSBe Designs by Sara Blaine presents a reasonably priced starter showcase with hand-crafted pieces meant to be mixed with Sara’s dazzling selection of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, alternative metals and mixed-mediums for a fashion forward wardrobe.

The company began in 2014 when Sara Blaine opened this innovative company featuring a new line of her popular styles. She thoughtfully structured the company geared specifically towards attracting women who wanted a purposeful way to increase their financial independence, while representing a line of affordable quality handmade jewelry. Her passion is to truly mentor and help women take charge of their own fate while  helping women look stylish.

Sara Blaine comments, “My husband, Mendel Rotenberg and I established and built eSBe Designs by Sara Blaine, into a successful company. We have spent endless hours in preparation, traveling throughout the country and overseas, to ensure we created a new model to help women purposefully make extra income. My retail line is very well known in traditional jewelry stores and eSBe Designs by Sara Blaine, will serve as our direct stylist to consumer sales division. As with all Sara Blaine jewelry, we strive to present on trend jewelry that has lasting value and beauty. We are so proud to have an extraordinary group of growing Stylists across the country and some of the hardest working staff and management in our industry. Our mission is to foster camaraderie while growing our family-owned jewelry design company.”

eSBe Designs by Sara Blaine’s goal is to help women build and witness their very own “sparkle” by creating an environment that allows their potential to be realized for unlimited success.

To inquire about this opportunity, please contact hello@esbedesigns.com

How To Navigate Your Way Through The Holidays

Write From Robyn

Add meaning to the season! The holidays can get wild and busy with all the errands, activities, parties and hustle and bustle of the season. The question is with all that is going on how do you make it memorable???

Begin by reading this short little post! At the end of the day, think about how you want the holidays to feel. What do you want your family and friends to remember this special season? Do you want everyone to remember that you were stressed out and exhausted, tired and running a million miles a minute? Of course, not! Here’s the goal this holiday season for each of us. Add meaning to the season by caring and sharing about what really matters.

Take these ideas to heart

  1. Take time to just listen. That means stopping and listening to your kids and people you care about. When you ask how your day was or how you are, stop and listen. Ask yourself is there anything you can do to become closer to that individual? Wonderful relationships are the best gift of all.
  2. Who are you making feel special? Every day try to focus on one more person you care about and make him or her feel special and cherished. Don’t miss a chance to say I love you and I care, you are special and mean the world to me! Send a card, a text, an email but don’t delay with that caring thought.
  3. Ask, "How may I help you"? Repeat those words often to others and think about who really needs your help, your time, your TLC verses material gifts. Remember, YOU are the gift!
  4. Give a “together” gift! Think of time as the best gift of all. Take someone to lunch, to a play, for a coffee and give the gift of being together.
  5. Give a compliment! When you give a gift make sure to add words that are free and fabulous. Add a sincere compliment with every gift you give and tell your BFF, Mom, Grandmother, daughter she’s a gem, a jewel! The meaning you add to the gift will make someone feel priceless.

And last but not least, don’t forget to put yourself on the guest list. Take time to enjoy the holidays, breathe!! And...in case you are the family historian and picture taker, include yourself in a few picture perfect photographs for memories to treasure!

Wishing you a happy and purposeful holiday this year! Add meaning to the season!!!

With hugs and love,

Robyn Spizman

Tickled Pink Over the Pink Solitaire Necklace

Write From Robyn

Hello Beautiful! Know a brand new mom? Have a BFF or best sister on the planet? Tell her these words, “I’m tickled pink, you’re my friend, BFF, sister, daughter, mom, or even my grandmother.” Words matter most when you say them while including a reminder, showing your support for a cause!

Breast cancer awareness

One of the best causes for women is the fight against Breast Cancer. From NOW through OCTOBER 15th eSBe Designs is running a campaign called ..."Get Your Pink ON"! For every Pink Solitaire necklace sold, eSBe Designs will donate $10. We think that’s great! In fact, we’re tickled pink over this necklace and want to share it with you. Check with your eSBe Stylist for this stylish and stunning pink sparkler available at ONLY $59.

Imagine your holiday shopping done by call or click! We aim to please! In fact, you can create a circle of love with your family and friends this year for someone, or in their honor. If you know someone facing breast cancer, what an amazing way to unite and show your love and support. Everyone who wears the Pink Solitaire is supporting such an important cause and awareness campaign. When we shine the light of love on each other, we brighten our own lives as well.

Here’s a style tip

Imagine the jewelry you wear as a connect the dots....begin with your neck sparkling (it’s adjustable!) and then layer the love and your jewelry statements cascading downward with doubling necks and then longer necks. eSBe Designs promises you’ll look taller, feel prettier and overall stand so high for a good cause. We believe at eSBe Designs we can make a difference when we all come together. That’s why our Pink Solitaire keeps us thinking PINK! Stay beautiful with jewelry that stands up for a worthwhile cause and gives back. Because we care, we are devoted to you looking gorgeous!