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Home Based Jewelry Business

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Hello Beautiful! Below, we will demonstrate the passion of a well-known luxury jewelry designer and her mission to help women achieve more in their lives. 

What is eSBe Designs?

20160219_101153-1eSBe Designs is a luxury women’s jewelry company that bridges the gap between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry and almost instantly, you can become a jewelry stylist while building a business. Our fantastic jewelry pieces are classic not costume, yet sophisticated and on trend!


imageWe are a designer jewelry company where we believe that within every person lies a success story of excellence and empowerment.  Our name is eSBe –  the two e’s stand for “empowering” and “excellence” with Sara Blaine! Our collections are exclusive to eSBe Designs, inspired by Sara Blaine who is an established jewelry designer for the last 17 years (out of Atlanta, GA).

Our jewelry is handmade and we use mixed metals such as sterling silver, brass, bronze and USA made chains — stunning semi-precious gemstones such as freshwater pearls, topaz, quartz, peridot, onyx and created sapphires. Most of our jewelry is made in Bali, but Sara travels the world to find cutting edge trends and methods that will allow stylists to bring a wide variety of stunning pieces to clients.


Why is eSBe Designs Different?Home Based Jewelry Business Opportunity

eSBe Designs is not only unique because of our stunning product, but also in our plan! When Mendel and Sara decided to open eSBe Designs (Spring 2014), they not only wanted to bring unique designs to the jewelry industry, but also a twist on how they could best help support the jewelry stylists.

As a company, eSBe Designs helps each stylist flourish using her own unique personality and talents. Rather than brushing all with the same brush, eSBe Designs understands that people differ from State to State. We build on the power of being different! The unique eSBe Rewards program (see below) was developed specifically to empower each stylist to build a business specific to their own style.

Selling Jewelry From Home


Jewelry Party Company

Work At Home Women\

Whether it’s a new career you are seeking, supplemental income you are looking for, or retirement savings you are working on,  let eSBe Designs help you achieve your goals. eSBe Designs empowers you to get involved, be your own boss and  sell Affordable Luxury Designer Jewelry!  With eSBe Designs you will be able to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and drive, with our unique eSBe Rewards Program.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join eSBe Designs

  1. Income – Earn extra income while working from home, supported by an innovative and flexible customer rewards program. You can make money on your personal sales (anywhere from 25% to 35%). Plus you can earn additional income and rewards if you decide to sponsor!Sell Jewelry From Home
  2.  No Website Monthly Cost – Your personal jewelry website comes as part of your starter Showcase!
  3.  No Credit Card Fees – The company pays for them!
  4. Company pays for HOST Program – Hosts receive a 1/2 price item for every$250  in party sales up to 4 products!
  5. No Jewelry Catalog – We have a Jewelry Resource Guide – and a wonderful Jewelry Shopping Cart. No need to keep purchasing catalogs to aimlessly handout and spend money on!
  6. Company of Choices – You not only get to choose the way you do business, but what investment level you want to make to start your home based business.  We offer 4 options: From $299 to $2499 and all the jewelry showcases contain the display pieces along with an eSBe Reward bank. We also offer financing! You can choose the showcase that best fits you!
  7. Easy Start Up Strategy –  The eSBe Launch Program is designed to be a unique and fun program for the new Jewelry Stylist to help her grow her business, and to help her build her bank of eSBe Rewards Credits!
  8. Robust “Quick Start” Program – To help insure the new Stylist’s success, and to give her a roadmap to success.

We want NEW REPS to make money quicker, and also want to give them the opportunity to add jewelry to their showcases.

  1. A Company for the Entrepreneurial SpiritWe offer REPS eSBe Reward Credits! YOU can manage the reward program for your Hosts and Customers. You know your customers and your area and you are the one who decides what they need and how to incentivize them.
  2. All About “Choices” at eSBe – You are the one who decides how, when and  where you do your business.  You may decide Trunk Shows or you may choose to do Private Showings, or do business on the web.  You choose the income you decide you want to make and how you want to make it – it is all about choice!

Small Business for Women - Selling Jewelry From Home

Why Start a Home Based Jewelry Business Today?

Everyone’s why is different. For some, eSBe Designs offers the opportunity to earn additional income to help pay bills; for others, it supports their kids’ education and activities; and yet for some, it allows the freedom to escape a 9-5 job creating unlimited income opportunity and the freedom to work when and where they want.

It is our goal at eSBe to help you reach the targets you set for yourself.  We are a small family owned company who truly cares and listens to what our stylists need and want.  This is a company where you will get to know Sara our Designer on a personal level.  We hope we have answered a little more about who and what eSBe Designs is for you.

We Want to Thank You!

Thank you for investing your time to learn more about eSBe Designs and who we are. Please visit our website or email us for further information. We are here to answer any questions that you may have to help you make the right choice! We want to wish you well in all you do!