How much do I need to invest to get my business started?

eSBe Designs is a company of CHOICES, so when you join, you have the choice of different showcases to select from. The price of the initial starter Showcase is your initial investment. Each showcase comes with a website, and there is no additional monthly payment for the website or for credit card fees.

  1. $599 Business Basics Showcase – includes 200 eSBe Rewards Credits, 19 pieces of jewelry (valued at $1200) and display pieces. Four months financing is available.
  2. $2499 Platinum Showcase – includes 400 eSBe Rewards Credits, approximately 63 pieces of jewelry (valued at $8300) Six months financing is available along with a “Reimbursement” program and the opportunity to ADD ON pieces at 70% off to your Showcase during your first FULL two months.
  3. $99 Virtual Stylist