What is the eSBe Rewards Credits Program, and how does it work?

eSBe Designs is all about “CHOICE” – we chose to be unique, and empower our Stylists by giving them the “CHOICE” of how they incentivize their Hosts and Clients instead of the company dictating a specific Host program and sales specials. Each Stylist has an account, similar to a flexible spending account. Each month eSBe Designs deposits eSBe Rewards Credits into the Stylist’s account based on her monthly sales volume. These eSBe Rewards Credits can be used:
  • Reward a Host
  • Upsell at a Private Showing
  • Distribute as coupons for future purchases
  • Coupons for trunk shows guests
  • Booking incentives
  • Gift birthdays or anniversaries
  • Frequent buyers programs
You have the “CHOICE” of how you want to use your eSBe Rewards Credits to grow your business. The eSBe Rewards Credits are kept in your account until they are used or expire in 60 days.