Testimonial 2

Choices comes to mind when I think about eSBe Designs. As a mom of 3 boys that is important to me. I have choices of the hours I want to work, the money I want to make and the way I run my business. I love the opportunity to choose how I want to share eSBe Designs with people, whether it is a Sparkle Therapy with 5 friends, a private showing, a vendor event, a fundraiser, a You plus 2 event I have choices and so do my clients. eSBe Designs offers a unique rewards program where it gives me the opportunity to choose how I want to use my own personal marketing budget to build my business. Whether is it rewarding my hostess, saying Happy Birthday to my clients, having a customer appreciation event, or doing a special giveaway the choice is mine. In this crazy world of corporate businesses where there are not a lot of choices, it is nice to be involved with a family run business who allows me to run my business the way it fits into my life. It’s my business fitting into my life not my life fitting into my business. A choice I am really happy I can make.