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Beloved Handcrafted Jewelry

Every season, eSBe by sara blaine designs stunning jewelry with you in mind. Each collection is inspired by our designer. Sara's passion for travel and vision for uniquely timeless pieces can be worn from day to night.

Our family of artisans pair gorgeous gemstones and innovative materials to bring you collections that are one of a kind, of the highest quality and made with love.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It


If asked to choose one word to describe my eSBe Designs business, I would have to say “rewarding”. It’s a powerful word for many reasons and it captures one element of our company that is refreshing, inventive and powerful. As a Stylist, I have my own promotional budget. I love utilizing this incredible tool that allows me to move my business forward while thanking my collectors and their friends. And my clients love it – and that makes my job fun and easy. At eSBe Designs, we dare to do things differently.

I love eSBe Designs for the flexibility, the personal connections and the fun! I love the extra income too! This career gives me something of my own to do while the kids are at school but allowing me the flexibility to visit them in college or attend their special events without having to ask a boss for time off! I love the people connections with my clients and my team and it’s not stressful… its FUN! I love people and I love helping them find the perfect new accessory to add to their wardrobe! I’m proud to represent eSBe Designs.

Sara’s unique designs allow me to help women look and feel their best! It’s so rewarding to see women light up and feel more confident when they try on and wear our jewelry. Our unique eSBe Rewards program provides Stylists with their own marketing budget. I am honored to represent our designer and work with an incredibly supportive corporate staff and field of stylists!

eSBe Designs is a groundbreaking, ground floor opportunity company like no other. With our amazing eSBe Rewards Program (marketing budget) we are a unique hybrid of a direct selling company. Being small by design allows us to be a very tight-knit group where everyone helps everyone succeed.

What has always attracted me to eSBe Designs is the ability to create my own schedule and work from my home environment that I LOVE to be in! Because of my job I can prioritize and put my family first. I always wanted to be there for all the milestones and precious moments. Working around their schedules not only allows me to be flexible for their needs but I feel more than ever the need to be present when they are entering those older years of middle and high school!

Wear beautiful jewelry, earn stellar commission, qualify for luxe perks and make an impact.

Sound like a dream? Join our entrepreneurial community and never look back.


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